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Have You Seen Your Backup Lately?

Backup and Disaster Recovery planning is about making sure your employees become productive and your company can get back online after a systems failure, natural disaster or other interruption.

It is critical that  companies have some type of backup in place to provide basic data protection. When data is lost in an isolated situation, such as a hard drive failure, virus infection, or a lost device, your local or online backup provides a way to rapidly restore your data. In the event of a disaster you need a proactive plan to get the most important systems up and running to keep employees productive and operations flowing.

Microsavvy recognises that Backup and Disaster Recovery is an important part of your overall IT security strategy.

You can trust us to protect your critical applications and their data with a range of backup and disaster recovery technologies and services designed to ensure ultimate data protection for your business. With our Backup and Disaster Recovery  solution, we will:

  • Assess your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans to identify risks and recommend improvements
  • Provide local backup for your company for rapid restore and recovery of critical application data for devices that are lost or stolen, malware infections and hard drive failures
  • Implement offsite/remote/Cloud backup to ensure you can recovery from damage due to fire, floods, earthquake and other disaster scenarios 
  • Ensure your IT networks are up to date to aid in the recovery of your systems infrastructure and ensure timely backups occur

Backup is All About Recovery!

Service Plans Manage all employee and company-owned IT Assets, protect applications and their data integrity.

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