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Integrate new systems into your IT infrastructure with ease.

Systems Integration

New systems or additions to your IT infrastructure are a great opportunity to evaluate and improve your businesses supporting infrastructure. A systems integration project should integrate well into your existing environment and introduce improved efficiencies to your business. If those fundamental goals cannot be delivered, why implement the change?

Microsavvy takes systems integration projects very seriously and will help you through the entire process. From initial concept design to project rollout, we will conduct sociability and compatibility testing to ensure compatibility. All equipment, old and new, will be operating to optimum efficiency and seamlessly together by the time we’re through.

Most organisations’ IT infrastructure combines WANs, LANs, servers, clients, databases, email, security, disaster recovery, cabling, PABX, application deployment … the list goes on! The set up and management of which is complex and represented by multiple vendors. Microsavvy can simplify the management, development, maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure in the most cost effective way, minimising downtime and maximising staff and systems efficiency.

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