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Ignoring Insider Threats Is Dangerous for Your Business

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Insider Threats: The Nearly Invisible Attacks

Insider threats originate from within an organization and are often the hardest to detect and prevent. An insider threat is someone with the ability and motive to exploit his/her privileged access to compromise your business’ infrastructure systems and data assets.

Potentially dangerous insiders can be largely divided into two categories — malicious insiders and negligent insiders. While the former can harm your business in spite or for financial gains, the latter can jeopardize your IT security by turning a blind eye to security protocols.

Here are some numbers to quantify the danger insider threats pose to businesses like yours:

  • In 2020, 23 percent of insider incidents were related to criminal insiders (costing $4.08 million) while 63 percent were related to negligence (costing $4.58 million).1
  • Only 46 percent of organizations have an insider risk response plan and 71 percent of them apply it inconsistently or on an ad hoc basis.2
  • The likelihood of employees leaking files has jumped by 85 percent from the pre-COVID-19 world.3

The only way to tackle this menace is to detect insider threats early, undertaking remediation measures and repeating the same process regularly.

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